Put an End to Emotional Eating!

Two days ago, I was in the self-check out lane in Stop&Shop where I stood for an unreasonable amount of time because the person in front of me had NO idea what they were doing (but that’s another rant for another day). Anyway, I came across the cover of Woman’s World Magazine, which read, “The HAPPINESS SPICE that CURES EMOTIONAL EATING!” Happiness spice? SIGN ME UP WORLD, I’ll take a barrel.. or 15.

So naturally, I grabbed a copy like it was lined with gold and added it to my cart of miscellaneous sugar-free, fat-free, happy-free items practically screaming “I want to be skinny” to everyone within a five-foot-radius.

According to Woman’s World, this magical cure-all spice is called Saffron and studies show it can help soothe anxiety, stop obsessive snacking and reduce stress hormones. What’s that I hear? The heavens opening up?

Top neuroscientist, Daniel Amen, M.D., explains,”the idea behind saffron is that it boosts serotonin (a happiness hormone) without excess calories.” In other words, we need not weep over a box of Oreos any longer! In fact, Amen states that he now prescribes saffron as a highly effective treatment for stress eating.

I’ll admit, I’m a little skeptical. However, that didn’t stop me from rushing to my local Four Seasons Market to grab the tiniest bottle of “the world’s most expensive spice” in all the land. How expensive you ask? Oh, only $15 for .8 grams. Yes, that is correct. Apparently you can buy happiness, but it won’t come cheap. Needless to say, I put a hold on those 15 barrels I originally desired.

Why so expensive, saffron?

Well, the spice comes from a flower called the crocus. Each flower yields only three delicate “threads” of saffron. In fact, it would take 13 hours and 50,000 flowers to hand-harvest a single pound of saffron… oh… permission to charge an arm and a part of my soul: granted.

So where can you find the stuff? Well, you can try a few different supplement brands:

ReBody Saffron Hunger Chews (30 chews for $25 at GNC)
Life Extension Optimized Saffron (60 caps for $36 at drugstore.com)
Fembody Nutrition Appetite Control (60 caps for $50 at amazon.com)

Or, you can purchase the actual spice (most likely at a local Trader Joe’s/Whole Food/Organic store) and put it in some delicious home-cooked meals (which is my personal plan). Is it worth it? We’re about to find out!

Recipes to follow!


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