Three Day Green Smoothie Challenge

Recently, I have been inspired to turn a new leaf, literally. I’m taking part in this whole green smoothie revolution. I know, I know, leafy and green aren’t our favorite words as dieters but the concept seems pretty convincing to me … Continue reading

The No. 1 Obstacle

Big Girls Don’t Cry!

Let’s face it. As women we are emotional beings. Granted, some of us are more emotional than others (I’ve been known to lose all composure after a minute of those ASPCA commercials with Sarah McLaughlin, I will admit) The point is, a lot of us let emotions run our day but, how would you FEEL if I told you that your emotions are hindering your weight loss success? Try to stay calm.

According to a new survey of psychologists, emotions play a huge role when it comes to losing or maintaining weight. The survey of more than 1,300 licensed psychologists, conducted by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, claims that understanding behaviors and emotions related to weight management is key to weight loss.

In general, having a relapse in weight loss causes a range of emotions. Overeating leads to guilt, and shame which in turn leads to more eating — it’s a rather endless cycle.

So what’s a big girl to do?


More than 70 percent of psychologists who provide weight loss treatment identified key treatments for addressing our smorgasbord of emotions.

1. Cognitive Therapy to isolate the thoughts or feelings that can sabotage weight loss
2. Problem-solving to overcome obstacles such as a lack of motivation
3. Mindfulness  to use strategies in order to allow thoughts and emotions to come and go without judging them — In other words, instead of feeling like a failure for being unable to stick with a food plan, be able to address your emotions and move past them.

Overall, it’s important to understand how your emotions are hindering your weight loss journey!

Getting Started With Weight Loss

“Losing weight was easy!” — Said no one ever in the history of weight loss. Losing weight is a challenge, that goes without saying. However, starting on the right path can help keep you on track and increase your success to skinny.

Note: I am by no means at all a weight loss whisperer, slimming sage or gaining guru. I just have an 80 pound loss under my belt.. or rather, vanished from my belt. So first things first…


No, this is not one last hoorah at the powdered donuts, my friends. You need to get rid of all temptations. That includes the stash of Halloween candy hidden in the back of your freezer… yah I’m looking at you Snickers, you gotta go. Speaking from personal experience, all forms of chocolate coaxing and sweet seduction have to be out of sight at the beginning of a weight loss journey until you’ve built up some self control.


Get to know them well, you’ll be spending a lot of time together — early morning breakfast dates, late night pillow talks, etc. I could list them all here, but you know what they are and where to find them.. They’re generally located next to the bread aisle and I’m sure we all know where that is. Just be careful: some of these friends have a high caloric count. Their names are bananasavocados, and potatoes. You can still eat them–they’re packed with nutrients– just make sure to account for their calories!

Speaking of calories, COUNT THEM:

First, figure out what your current caloric intake is. You can carry around a small notebook and write down what you eat to do this OR if you have a smartphone, you can use Fitness Pal, it’s a free App as well as a gift from the dieting gods. It tells you how many calories you are allowed for the day and how many you have left after adding in your consumed foods. Basically, it counts your calories for you. Other than being able to eat chocolate all day and not get fat, I don’t know what more we could ask for.

Word from the somewhat wise: don’t you dare drink your calories. So that Java Chip Frappuccino that’s worth oh, I don’t know, FOUR HUNDRED AND SIXTY CALORIES, paws off ladies and gentlemen. Embrace some h20.


Weight loss is pretty simple math: Calories consumed – calories burned = weight loss/gain. The end. Generally, one pound is equal to about 3500 calories. So,  if you know how many calories you’re consuming and how many you’re burning, you can calculate your intake/outtake for a 500 calorie deficit and lose 1 pound a week. Still with me? Hope so.

Here’s the thing: you burn calories just by laying around (I know, I know, it’s like Christmas morning) You can calculate your BMR (that’s Basal Metabolic Rate for all your rookies) to find out how many calories you burn by simply existing. Remember, the more overweight you are, the more work it is for your body to function and the more calories you’ll burn naturally. However, as you start to lose weight, this number is going to decrease. Hence, you either need to decrease your caloric intake or increase your activity level in order to balance it out and continue to lose weight.

So here’s your homework: Once you figure out how many calories you can consume for the day, unhand the Oreos, throw all Entemann’s products into your trash, then go stock your house with some greens.. and some oranges, some reds perhaps. All colors of the rainbow, really.

Good luck!

Thinner Through Twitter

According to a study released by the Arnold School of Public Health, adding tweets to your weight loss program can actually increase weight loss success. Instead of the usual face-to-face group meetings that most damsels on a diet usually utilize, dieters are now turning to the little blue bird for support (chirp chirp). According to leader of the study, Brie Turner-McGrievy, “Providing group support through online social networks can be a low-cost way to reach a large number of people who are interested in achieving a healthy weight.” Participants carried Smartphones which delivered weekly podcasts related to nutrition and exercise for six months. All were successful in losing weight; however, those who used Twitter were even more successful. Researchers claimed that every 10 posts to Twitter corresponded to a 0.5 percent weight loss.

Tweet yourself thin? Sounds like my kind of diet! Who would have thought Twitter could be good for something other than daily rantings and bad jokes? Though when I think about it, it does make sense. I follow an endless about of weight loss accounts: diet problems, diet girl, girl on a diet, diet woman, diet news, diet blog, etc. The list goes on an on and while it may seem excessive, the tweets provided by each account do indeed help keep me on track as I’m scrolling through my timeline trying to find a cure to my boredom. Anyone on a weight loss journey will tell you how important support is — who knew twitter would be the one to provide it?

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